Short stay visa application form in English [中文]

If you wish to apply for a visa, please download the appropriate visa application for by clicking on this link.

PDF - 436.2 ko
Short stay visa application form in English (PDF)
(PDF - 436.2 ko)

Please Note

- 2 pages
- The visa application form to be printed back-to-back
- Free visa application forms at your disposal at TLS Center
- Visa application forms to be filled in English only

To download a visa application form

1. Click on the appropriate visa application form link
2. When the visa application form is opened, save it on your computer


1. Click on the right button of your mouse on the appropriate link
2. Select " Save as " on the list
3. Save the visa application form on your computer


Application forms are PDF documents.

You will need Adobe Acrobate Reader program to view and download those application forms.

Click on the below icon to download Adobe Acrobat Reader program.

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