German-French seminar on food safety, November 6, 2015 – Beijing

The German and the French Embassies in Beijing organized on November 6, 2015, a joint seminar on food safety, with a focus on dairy products.


This seminar had the full support of the agencies responsible for the risk assessment – BfR for Germany and Anses for France –, the ministries of agriculture of France and Germany, the European Commission, and the dairy sector of both countries.


The audience was composed of representatives of Chinese administrations involved in food safety (CFDA, CNCA, AQSIQ, CFSA), universities (China Agriculture University, amongst others), research institutes (China Academy for Agricultural Sciences…), Chinese professional associations (CDIA for the dairy sector, CAWA for the whole markets…), agrifood industries (CARREFOUR, DANONE, MENGNIU, SYNUTRA…), and of the press.


The objective was to present the general framework of the EU food safety regulation, applied by to neighbor Member States with different administrative organizations, in reference to the sanitary risk assessment and management. While China is on the threshold of rolling its revised “Food safety law” and deploying a very complete system for ensuring food safety, it seemed to be relevant to share the German and French experience in this field, and the concept of food safety as it is understood throughout the EU.


All along the seminar, emphasis have been put on the separation between evaluation and management of the risk, on the importance of the scientific opinions and risk-proportionate measures, on the overall analysis of the agrifood plants for planning the inspections and official controls, and, last but not the least, on the primary responsibility of the operators in ensuring the products safety.

The seminar’s program :

PDF - 357.5 kb
(PDF - 357.5 kb)

Find all the presentations :

Food authenticity and food safety : Facing new challenges in a globalized world, par M. Hensel

PDF - 1.1 Mb
(PDF - 1.1 Mb)

Food Safety in France, par Marc Mortureux, Director General of the French Agency for food, environmental and occupational health & safety

PDF - 867.4 kb
(PDF - 867.4 kb)

European food safety experience, par Jacky Le Goslès, Direction G Adviser
Directorate General Health and Food Safety/European Commission

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(PDF - 1 Mb)

The German food safety system, by Michael Hammer, Head of division Consumer Protection, Veterinary Affairs, provincial government of Schwaben, Bavaria

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(PDF - 1.7 Mb)

The French food safety system, par M. Martins-Ferreira

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(PDF - 1.7 Mb)

The responsibility for a dairy company Aspects of the food safety systems at DMK Group, par Burkhard Voss Head of QM-Systems and Suppliermanagement

PDF - 1.4 Mb
(PDF - 1.4 Mb)

Official control of food safety, European Union reference laboratories (EURL) to national reference laboratories (NRL), Implementation for Milk and Milk products, par Laurent Laloux

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(PDF - 1.1 Mb)

Case a study conducted some years ago in France by Anses on milk infant powder, par Laurent Laloux

PDF - 232.2 kb
(PDF - 232.2 kb)

Veterinary Public Health - Aspects of Milk, par Dr. Anja Buschulte

PDF - 1.9 Mb
(PDF - 1.9 Mb)


PDF - 1.1 Mb
(PDF - 1.1 Mb)

Milk and infant nutrition: Risk communication in practice, par Dr. Suzan Fiack,
Department Risk Communication

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(PDF - 1.7 Mb)

Responsibility of the producers, par Mrs Veronique Fontaine-Heim

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(PDF - 3.2 Mb)

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