EU priorities for the 36th session of the Human Rights Council

The Human Rights Council will gather in Geneva from 11 to 29 September, mobilizing and engaging with the international community to address and respond to human rights violations worldwide.

"The EU continues to remain concerned by reports of serious human rights violations in Burundi," points out Ambassador Peter Sørensen, Head of the EU Delegation to the UN in Geneva. "We will therefore present a resolution to follow up on the Commission of Inquiry’s final report and recommendations, taking into account the situation on the ground and the country’s cooperation with human rights mechanisms, including the OHCHR Office in Bujumbura," he adds. "At the upcoming session we also expect several mandate renewals of UN Human Rights Council Special Procedures," says Ambassador Sørensen. "We therefore take the opportunity to call on all states to offer their full cooperation with Special Procedures, including by ensuring mandate holders’ unhindered access to and contact with individuals and civil society."

Other priorities for the EU at the 36th session include :

Syria : The EU will support the Human Rights Council’s continued attention to the dire human rights and humanitarian situation in Syria and will engage with all relevant stakeholders to secure a resolution based on substantial findings that accurately reflect developments on the ground. The EU will continue advocating for accountability for all violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, access of the Commission of Inquiry to Syria, and support to the International, Impartial and Independent Mechanism for Syria. The EU will also continue to call for the perpetrators of chemical attacks to be identified and held accountable.

Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) : We are looking forward to engaging in the enhanced interactive dialogue on the situation in the DRC. In light of continued concerns about the human rights situation in the country, we will engage with the country concerned and the African Group in view of a comprehensive resolution, against the backdrop of the electoral context.

Sudan : The EU will aim to ensure a resolution which not only extends the mandate of the independent expert to continue to assess and regularly report on the human rights developments in the country, but also accurately reflects the situation on the ground.

Central African Republic : The EU will engage with the African Group on the drafting of this resolution, also taking into account the recent progress in the justice sector. The EU fully supports the Government’s efforts to fight impunity and work towards reconciliation. It is important to renew the mandate of the UN Independent Expert and to maintain the Expert’s capacity to monitor the situation and regularly report to the Council.

Myanmar : We are looking forward to the first Interactive Dialogue with the Fact-Finding Mission (FFM), which was established by a resolution led by the EU in March 2017. The EU urges the Government of Myanmar to cooperate with and provide full access for the FFM.

Ukraine : We will actively engage in the Interactive Dialogue on Ukraine and keep a close eye on the upcoming report of the Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine.

Yemen : It is important that the HRC addresses once again the grave and deteriorating human rights and humanitarian situation in Yemen in order to seek improvements. The EU will strive to secure a strong resolution based on substantial findings that reflect developments on the ground and will support continued engagement with OHCHR. The EU supports independent investigations into all alleged violations and abuses.

Death penalty : As a firm and longstanding advocate of the abolition of the death penalty, the EU is opposed to the death penalty whenever and wherever it is used. We will therefore fully support the resolution which will be presented by a cross regional group at HRC36.

Public events : The EU co-sponsors a side event organised by the Consortium for street children and OHCHR on ’Rights of Children in Street Situations’ on 28 September.

Dernière modification : 12/09/2017

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