EU ministers discuss new sanctions on North Korea

EU foreign ministers are today discussing the potential adoption of new measures in response to rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

"I will propose to Ministers today to strengthen the economic pressure on North Korea, supporting a new UN Security Council Resolution adopting tougher economic measures ; starting new autonomous European Union sanctions on North Korea ; and working with other partners in the world to make sure that everybody implements fully and strictly the already-decided economic measures," said EU High Representative Federica Mogherini ahead of the meeting.

The recent missile launches by Pyongyang are "clearly a threat to global peace and security and to the entire non-proliferation regime", said Mogherini.

"Our European line is very clear on this : more economic pressure, more diplomatic pressure, unity with the regional and international partners we have, and avoiding entering into the spiral of a military confrontation that could be extremely dangerous not only for the region but for the entire world.", she went on

Economic and diplomatic pressure, paired with a path for dialogue – "credible, meaningful" dialogue – can make a difference, the High Representative stressed, "In any case, it has to be pursued : alternatives are extremely dangerous."

Dernière modification : 11/09/2017

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