6ème Dialogue économique et financier France-Chine de Haut Niveau

Déclaration conjointe franco-chinoise, le 7 décembre 2018, à Paris (version anglaise)

The China-France High Level Economic and Financial Dialogue (HED) is a key platform for bilateral communication and policy coordination on strategic, overarching and long-term issues in the economic and financial fields. The last five rounds of Dialogue, which were held in November 2013, September 2014, September 2015, November 2016 and December 2017 respectively, have made active contribution to the expanding and deepening of the Sino-French comprehensive strategic partnership.

Chinese Vice-Premier Hu Chunhua and French Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire co-chaired the 6th HED on December 7th, 2018 in Paris. They were joined by a high-level delegation of senior officials from broader authorities of both countries.To constantly intensify the close and durable Sino-French comprehensive economic strategic partnership in an innovative manner, both sides held an in-depth discussion on moving forward macroeconomic policy coordination and global economic governance, coordinating on environmental issues, cooperating in third markets and on connectivity, cooperating on trade and investment, promoting industry and major projects cooperation, developing agriculture and agri-food industry cooperation and deepening financial (…)

Lire la suite de la déclaration conjointe franco-chinoise,
7 décembre 2018, Paris (version anglaise)

PDF - 321.2 ko
Déclaration conjointe franco-chinoise, 7 décembre 2018, Paris (version anglaise)
(PDF - 321.2 ko)

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